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Ability to test Request forms in Draft mode

It's great that we have the ability to create drafts for Request Forms. It would be very useful to have the ability to test the updates that are applied to the form before they get published. It co...

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Workflow report > Add option to download

Hi Team,  The Workflow report should be accessible as a download.Our company is blocking emails with attachments coming from external senders. We are currently unable to get the reports.I'm sure we...

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Approval workflow vs Approval feature

I would like to know how you are managing Approvals? When are you using the Approval feature (raising an Approval in a Task) VS using the Approval workflow in a Task? Pros and Cons of each? We tend...

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Task Work Template > How to see Gantt Chart and Table views?

Not sure if i'm blind... But I don't seem to be able to view the tasks and subtasks in Gantt Chart or Table view when editing a 'Task' Work Template. The only option available is List, which is not...

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Request form - Align with start/finish date in one form

While developing our request forms to manage service requests, I was surprised to realize that it’s not possible to ‘Align with task finish date’ and ‘Align with task start date’ within the same re...

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Request Form - Field visibility option

It would be useful to have a visibility option at the field level, where the visibility of a field would be conditional to options selected in other fields. Logic example, If user Q1=A1 + Q2=B3 -­>...


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