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  3. Examples of Request Forms for Marketing teams

Great examples there @Cameron, I see you're using the advanced branches for different pages set up according to the dropdown options. I'm doing the same on my company with Paid Advertising campaign...

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  3. [Open Discussion] How Is Your Marketing Team Planning Projects?

Kerry, what about creating a Project Template with pre-set tasks, the ones you know are repeated every time in such a process, and you simply duplicate from this project everytime a new client appe...

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  3. [From Wrike] Community Badge Program 🙌

The gamefication era, black belt here we go!

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  3. [Open Discussion] How to Manage Incoming Marketing Requests

Hello Wrike community! As an English speaker working for a Hungarian company leading the marketing data science team, Wrike's request forms helped us dealing with a very common issue in this side o...