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Brown Paper Tickets (the company I work for) uses Wrike for just about everything related to projects and tasks, and we've increased our productivity and efficiency dramatically since adopting Wrike. Wrike Integrate is a huge part of our workflow automation initiatives. In case they're helpful to anyone, I've posted a number of example Wrike Integrate community recipes, which can be found at https://www.workato.com/recipes/browse?q=laura%20boylan


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Wrike Integrate - Example recipe to copy a task with subtasks where the subtask sort order needs to remain consistent

Our use case: We have a Wrike request form that allows staff to request help from our IT team. This form allows the submitter to select from a list of topics, one of which allows them to request a ...

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Recurring tasks created by users who are later deactivated

From what I can tell, recurring tasks that were created by a deactivated user no longer recur. So, it seems like whenever an employee leaves, we will need to identify any recurring tasks they creat...

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Problems with dates and task descriptions when creating project from template using request forms

Background: We support multiple languages on our web site and via our customer support, and we need to implement a process to track requests for written content translation. For example, each time ...

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User profile setting for default folder/project

We would really like to see a user profile setting that allows each user to select a default folder/project that would be used automatically for any task the user creates where the task would curre...

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Dashboard widget filter for *active* starred tasks

There is a pre-built dashboard widget for "Starred Tasks", but this widget includes starred tasks that are marked as Done. I don't see any way to edit this pre-built widget to exclude completed tas...

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Improved UI for managing custom workflows

Custom workflows are a fabulous feature, but the UI for managing multiple workflows is tough, particularly once you have more than a few: Left/right scrolling makes it impossible to see all workfl...


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