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I am a mechanical engineer who has worked in product design and development for more than a decade. I have a passion for combining aesthetics with sound engineering practices, as well as a love for product and project management. Get me excited about learning something new, and I'll have a laser focus on becoming an expert no matter what the subject, software, or activity is. Your shared knowledge is my gain, and I hope to give the same in return. Cheers!


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  3. Using the "OR" operator in a filter

Hi Jared Barden, Fortunately, you can filter your dashboard items by just selecting the customs fields as a filter item and setting the criteria to "Empty".  However, you will need a different widg...

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  3. [Status: Backburner ⏳] View latest Project comment in Table view

We've now had to add a custom field for project comments to track the latest meeting decision.  We use this because we need quick access to viewing the comments during our weekly meetings, and the ...

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  3. Anyone else also wanting to sort by multiple columns in the Table view?

We would greatly benefit from this option as well.  Our sorting needs are based on Custom Field for "New Revenue" and "Effort" with the ability to select which priority is greater.   @... Could the...

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  3. ⬆️ Releases - New Table and Board View Updates, Jumping to Top, and Workflows (01/23/2023)

Happy to see sorting added to the workflow management table.  Almost makes me feel like your product team responded directly to the request I made for this a week or 2 ago!  LOL!  Wrike is always i...

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  3. Automate Due Date Based on Task Status Change

Hello Wrike community!  Would like to get continued support for this feature.  Please upvote as I feel this would benefit numerous individuals, teams, and organizations. Cheers!

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  3. [From Wrike] Wrike's Holiday Countdown 2022 - Day 5 📣

Anna Wallace for your support and collaboration!

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  3. Does anyone use Wrike? Do you like it?

Lisa I believe MOHAI wants the request form to allow searching for space/project/folder when using the Request form (not during setup).  This is actually a feature we would love to have as well. MO...

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  3. How can I track the frequency of bugs that are reported by request forms?

Thanks for posting this, Ayeda Sayeed.  I have a similar interest in this for our Customer Service team and will follow this post to see what comes up.  This would help inform our product team with...

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  3. File Approval Tweaks

I agree with Teddy above.  Our approvals are automated through the task status, and we'd love the ability to branch which status the approval decision sends it to, beyond just approved/rejected ("C...

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  3. Adding Project Template after Creating Project from Custom Item Type

Thank you, Pietro Poli.  I will see if I can get that method to at least give me a nudge in the right direction. Cheers! Trevor


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