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  3. Problem with task/subtask date alignment

Hi. It is not a solution. If we have only custom statuses, then there is no way to use it. Even if I'd have them available I can't be sure that user have subtask set to "active". Please make it not...

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  3. [Status: Backburner ⌛️] Customize Conflict Monitor

So WRIKE team work on this bug for 5 years?? Maybe they should start to use some PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE to tell us when it will be done?  

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  3. [From Wrike] 🔥 Time Support in Date Custom Field 🔥

Lisa hi, I don't see it in "labs" There are only: Roll Up Dates in Gantt Chart Google Calendar Integration Effort Allocation

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  3. My Work ordering

I have the same problems. 

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  3. How to hide task's titles from timeline view?

Thank you for your answer. It  would be good if we could hide titles from timeline. They are duplicated in timelineview as on the left side there is a list of task. I can highlight whole line on li...


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