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Using Wrike since 2012. I implemented Wrike for a professional services company comprised of 150 consultants, 8-10 project managers, and on average between 100-200 open projects at any given time. We learned a lot from that experience, and since then I have been helping other companies out with optimizing Wrike and empowering their teams.


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  3. Do you have to @mention people on their tasks?

Hi Jennifer, Task authors and assignees "follow" their tasks by default, which means they will be notified based on their own notification preferences. They will see the update in the activity stre...

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  3. Can you create a Dashboard for tasks I've reassigned (and are marked as In Review)?

Hey Tom, I'm certain you can do this by creating a custom dashboard widget. Check out this portion of the Dashboard Widgets article for instructions on how to do this. Basically, you will create a ...