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  3. Need Task durations to update automatically when tasks are completed

Can the tasks get auto extended until admin mark task as completed?  mdr

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  3. Ability to export user / group list(s)

Hello Team Wrike, this will be really useful for us to export emails and send any communication related to Wrike to them.

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  3. Calculations in Request Forms

Hello Holly and Anastasia,   I have just read this thread and this is really helpful feature request. I am not sure if this has been developed already or in development with Wrike; is there any way...

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  3. [Launched! 🚀] Mass Editing Projects - especially moving them is PAINFUL

Hello,   Mass editing for projects will be really useful in Wrike.   I do get yearly 1000s test requirements and need to manage 100s of them together.   Thank you   Kunal 


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