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Require Timelog Category

I love using the timelog categories! It helps us do a deeper dive into where our time is spent. This is when people remember to enter a category, of course. I find myself having to run a report and...

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Pin Request Form in New Experience

I think it would be great to add the ability to pin certain request forms to the homepage launch and the tools section in the space. The bookmark section is great, but have to click on the tab to s...

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Option to Open SharePoint Link Directly to the SharePoint Site and not Wrike Proof

Hi, I love that the long awaited SharePoint integration has been added within Wrike. I think this is a great step forward. After doing some testing I notice there has been a couple hiccups with the...

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Separating Project/Folder Column in Reports

I'm having some difficulties with reporting. We have projects that contain multiple subfolders and when I run a timelog report the project/folder column shows the folder and not the project.  It wo...

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Pause or Summarize User Email Notifications

Hi, I see there have been a few questions regarding something similar, but I wanted to make this one more specific. As an admin on our account I am monitoring and optimizing our account continuousl...

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Track Hours by Users Role

Hi, I need a way to separate a users hours when they either are promoted to a different role or they switch teams within our group. Right now all time is tracked by the user's profile. Lets say Sal...


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