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  3. [From Wrike] Exciting Item View Update: Mode Switcher ⚡️

Thank you so much for listening to the feedback and incorporating this so quickly! It would be nice to have the custom fields at the top of the view under the location, the information currently th...

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  3. ⚡️ Releases - Exciting Updates for New Table View, New Sidebar, Request Forms, Automation, Item View, and Blueprints (07/24/2023)

Con's - Changing the search bar location is a hinderance; It's hidden and smaller and I have misclicked to the inbox a handful of times and then it disrupts the flow of what I'm actively working on...

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  3. Is there a way to move multiple projects at one time?

So Emily's solution didn't work for my particular problem but I learned that under the project title is a tag of the folder where it's located. I can add the project to the archive folder by adding...


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