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Deleting Projects - but they remain in additional locations

If those items are stored in additional locations, then they'll continue to live in those additional locations even after the project is deleted. Currently we have Projects set up so we can run...

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LightSpeed new processes

I'm hoping to find out a few things that have changed that we are having trouble finding solutions /new Lightspeed way to access what we did before.   Hoping the community can help as I'm not findi...

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Flexible time vs. Basic - front loading hours

Hi- Looking for help with assigning Task hours and how they show up on our Workload calendar.   When creating Task and assigning hours for Task, I select Flexible.   We have had our Creative team s...

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Consistent Table View

Hoping for some help or feedback on how to set up so that when our Requests come the Table View Fields come in the same order each time.   More importantly looking for a way to ensure we can set up...


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