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Workflow reports

In the workflow reports, do the transition delays include weekends or are the based on M-F workdays? I noticed that these transition delays seem a bit longer than expected.  Are there other ways I ...

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Marketing campaign dates vs project dates

I am trying to improve our understanding of Project start dates and campaign launch dates, not necessarily, project end dates. We have been operating under the assumption that we can produce a camp...

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Automation rules

It would be great if we could setup automation rules that update a custom field value based on the folder that a task or custom item task is located in. This feature would enable our project data t...

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Map project request form answer to task workflow

We would like to map the project request form response to a specific task workflow. We have a 3-stage approval process setup in each of our task workflows. The approvers are different for each proj...

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Map Project Owner to Specific Task Workflow


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