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  3. Wrike Automation Rule - Alert an Assignee X amount of days before a Task is Due

Elaine - This feature - notify assignee (x) 3 days (or other interval) before assigned task due date - has been requested in some form or another for years. At least as long as I've been on Wrike. ...

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  3. Analytics view

Lisa,  Would be good for the community to understand the analytics road map. Does wrike have any updates?  

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  3. [STATUS: LAUNCHED! 🚀] Email conversations with non Wrike users inside Wrike

This would definitely be helpful. I have to echo Leslie's issue. Our company has 20K + employees, and any one of them could enter a marketing request through the conditional form. We have some freq...

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  3. Seeing projects, rather than tasks, in workload view

We're having the same issue with our team, especially the folks on the production side. The My Work view is overwhelming because it shows a number of tasks that look exactly the same since we use a...


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