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  • Backwards Links

    My account uses wrike for 2 things Firstly to manage our new product launches and secondly to store spec sheets. Often I want to link to an existing spec sheet in our project folders to I use the l...

  • Blue Prints repeated Tasks

    I have 11 different template timelines I use Blue Prints to organize and create new projects from. Many of these 11 template timelines have the same task which takes the same amount of time for eve...

  • Onedrive Integration

    I wish I could attached file that are shared from another user's onedirve folder. My team has one onedrive that is shared from our lead's onedrive account, but all of our team file are there so the...

  • Scheduling around holidays

    I work in product manufacturing and i am trying to schedule product launches and need to be able to schedule around chinese new yesrs. Because I am planning so far out I would like our projects to ...

  • Closed Work Flows

    How can I change the workflow of a task that is in a closed workflow?    I have tasks created in one folder automatically in a closed workflow, but i want some of the parent tasks in that folder to...

  • Collaborator access based on status

    Is there a way to give our vendors access to tasks only when the workflow status is set to a certain value - in this case our custom workflow status "Current state" 

  • Reporting - Task Dates

    I have a number of features I would like to have added to the reporting tasks.  1) I have a number of standard milestones in all of my reports. I have marked these milestones with a custom field. I...

  • Report enhancement

    I have a number of enhancements I would like to see on the Reporting Feature.  1) I would like to option to see both a table view and a bar chart on one report. Now I have to create two reports and...