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Board view on the mobile app for iOS

The most useful screen on Wrike is the broad view. All my team use this and drag tasks from new to in progress to completed. This is not available on the iPhone app so I tried to mimic it by creat...

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autosave comments to tasks

I just typed up a large set of instructions in a comment to my whole team when a Wrike notification came in. I clicked on the notification and the task I was working on closed, not saving my work. ...

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[Duplicate] Chat function

Note from Wrike Team: Check out A Need For InstaChat to vote for the original request.   May I suggest introducing a chat or instant messages function of some sort? My team needs to have two types ...

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Anybody there?

Since the works scheduled for Sunday I cannot export to Excel. And nobody seems to be answering the phone or calling back. Help please.


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