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Marketing Operations & Optimization Manager - responsible for the processes, tech stack, data and reporting for our department who works as an internal marketing agency for 500+ customers


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  2. Brought to You By Wrike
  3. [New to Wrike] Guests Review (Wrike Labs)

Hi Wrike - we are loving guest reviews and cannot wait to roll this out at a greater scale. One request - Can we somehow be reminded/notified if something is not approved within a few days? Or an a...

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  3. [Status: Released 🚀] Task Templates option from the Request Form

Our team has a need for templated tasks as well! We utilize templated projects, which work great in some instances, but for some things, a simple task (with a checklist associated), a specific work...

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  3. Report Subscription Options - Attach Excel File to Email

This is a huge need for us as well. I appreciate the subscription feature, but really need an accurate day over day or week over week view and cannot rely on manually exporting based on reminders. 

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  3. Autopopulate

I see a benefit to this as well! I would love to be able to mass-edit various custom fields across multiple projects from a table view!

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  3. Project Requests / Workflow Tasks

I also see a value in this. Some of the templated projects we create from a form have tasks that should be default-assigned to the requestor - it would be great if we could map the field selections...

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  3. Is there a status page for Wrike's service?

We are experiencing this issue as well - our tasks, due dates, folders and users shared are not saving as we need them to. I have submitted a ticket but am joining this page to be kept up-to-date o...