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Process Manager and Wrike Account Owner for our company. We've been with Wrike for 4 years and it's been impressive watching this community, and it's software, grow. I enjoy helping my colleagues master their digital workspace, help them design custom workflows, and tweak automations so that we can collaborate as efficiently as possible!


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[Status: Backburner ⌛️] Include Subtask Details with Dynamic Request Forms

Recently Wrike added the ability to add subprojects and subtasks based on an answer in Request Forms.This feature is great, but we need one step further.Within the same form, we'd like users to be ...

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Prefix Options

Some feedback in response to the newly released "Create Task Template from Request Forms", and the existing "Create Project Template from Request Forms".... We would like the ability to add a prefi...

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Ability to Search Multiple Words AND not OR

Hello, Would it be possible to add an "AND" logic to the search feature in Wrike? For example, right now if I search for "order hardware" I get results for "order" or "hardware". Instead it would b...

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Business Continuity Plan / Exit Strategy COVID19

Hi world!We're pushing to keep moving our business forward during these tough times. As a result, we're working on our Business Continuity Plan / Exit Strategy for COVID19.I was wondering if anyone...

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Inherited Sharing - Template Project

I've created a template project (with associated subprojects and tasks). I have the inherited sharing turned off, and have selected the specific users I want each subproject shared with.If I duplic...


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