[From Wrike] AI Improvements 🤖

Hi Community 🙂

Today, we’d like to follow up on our previous announcement about AI Subtask creation by introducing another update to this feature and its public release! 

As you may remember, AI Subtask Creation is an experimental Wrike platform capability that is based on machine learning technology and natural language processing (NLP). It allows you to save time by providing the ability to easily create subtasks from your task’s description.

Here’s what’s new:

  • This feature is now called AI Subitem creation, since it now supports Custom item types, both project-based and task-based. The workflow of the created subtasks now takes your preferences (Custom item type-, space-, or account-level settings) into account.
  • The AI engine can now find names from your lines of text and put them as assignees to the created subitems (you can also use name + surname.) 
  • It can also recognize dates, like 01.11.2022, 10/10/2022, December 25 or even phrases like “tomorrow” or “next Friday”, and put them as the end dates of subtasks.

We hope you like these updates! Our team is following your feedback closely so please let us know your thoughts below  👇

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