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Here, you can find more information about the available resources on Wrike Analyze, explore and learn more about the tool, and improve your skills and competencies to find solutions to your challenges. We also share other resources such as our Product certification and Professional Services offerings if you'd like to level up your work with professional support.

Wrike's Help Center

If you’re not sure how to do something with Wrike, our Help Center should be your first stop. The Help Center contains a comprehensive guide to Advanced Reporting and BI (aka Wrike Analyze).

Wrike Discover

Take our Intro to Wrike Analyze course to be able to leverage Wrike Analyze out-of-the-box analytics boards. You can take the course without having the Wrike Analyze feature.

Advanced Wrike Analyze Functions

This on-demand training combines instructor-led recorded training sessions with guided practical exercises and it's designed for anyone interested in advanced knowledge of and practice with Wrike Analyze.
During this training, you can expect to learn how to leverage Wrike Analyze to answer questions like: Where are the bottlenecks in my workflows? And where is my team spending most of their time? In addition, you will learn strategies for crafting effective dashboards for managers and executives that enable them to make key business decisions.

Report Mastery: Silver Certification

Report Mastery: Silver Certification covers core Wrike and Wrike Analyze competencies. Taking this certification course, you can expect to gain knowledge and practical skills on how to operate within Wrike and how to use Wrike Analyze to create and work with boards, widgets, filters, formulas, and more.
At the end of this course, you will develop a thorough understanding of Wrike Analyze by completing exercises in a demo Wrike environment.
Find out more information about the certification on the Product certification page.
Need more support?
Our expert consultants are available to help you with guided deployments. You can contact your Wrike Representative or visit this page for more information.
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I am curious how to tell if I even have Wrike Analyze? Where does it appear?

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Hi Heather Hernandez, it is under the Reports section: 

You can also check with your Account Owner to know more about it. Hope this helps!

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