📅 Releases - Bookings in Wrike and Automation Bots (09/27/2021)

Feature Updates

  • Bookings - Flexible Effort Mode Available for Bookings
Before bookings could only have the basic effort mode where users could allocate a certain amount of effort per day for each booking. Now flexible booked effort mode is also available. This effort mode allows users to allocate a different amount of booked effort for each week or month that the booking spans across.
To change the booked effort mode, you just need to click the Effort mode drop-down while creating or editing the booking.
Please note: Flexible booked effort mode is not available for days at the moment, so you won't be able to set different amounts of effort for each day on daily zoom, it's only supported on weekly and monthly zoom. But we'll add support for it shortly in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, the flexible mode also doesn't work if you duplicate projects or create them from blueprints and choose to shift the original dates.


  • Automation Rules Sending too Many Comments
A few automation rules started posting comments to their respective project or task every 5 minutes (even though trigger conditions weren't met). We're working on it and have added extra logs to help with troubleshooting. The rules in question are:
- If task status doesn’t change in 7 days from selected statuses
- If project status doesn’t change in 5 days from selected statuses

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

The booking seems to be a good think, but very at the beginning. Please extend it to better incorporation with the effort so one can use both at a time. Bookings for large scale project planning and effort for short term person planning. Both together interacting so one can see how many hours from the project budget (bookings) is already used by effort and already used by booked hours.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I somewhat agree with Sven Passinger in that I am not sure how to make use of bookings and effort in the same project. It sounds like a good idea, but since they seem to sum together, I haven't developed a method of how to use them yet. I don't want to create bookings, then start creating effort on tasks, and the result show that we are overbooked.

We use Effort to reflect the hours we sold for a given set of tasks. Bookings could be a way of blocking out users' time, but then the results of the workload get very muddy.  I will continue to try to develop methodologies of how to use them, but developing them more with a relationship to Effort could be helpful.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

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