What happened to phone support????

We needed to set aside development in Wrike during Covid  but have returned to it.  I benefited tremendously from the technical phone support from Wrike when I was doing the initial setup. But try as I might, I can no longer find the support number on the web site.  What is that number?

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Welcome to the Community, Thomas Klingman! 👋 Thank you for reaching out!

Phone support is available to all paid and trial Wrike accounts. You can check out the phone number at the top of this page if you're signed in with Wrike on the Community. 

I can also see that you submitted a callback request to our Support team and they called you within an hour, so that seems to be sorted out 👍

Please let me know if you have any other questions. If you'd like to know what this Community has to offer, please check out our New to Community forum 🤗

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