[From Wrike] Resources View and Bookings are Now in Labs! 📊

Hi Community! 👋
We’re very happy to announce not one, but two Wrike Labs releases - Resources View and Bookings! These will help you leverage resources and capacity planning for your teams, projects, and portfolio.

Resources View

Resources view is a new view in Wrike (just like List or Table view) that you can open folders, projects, and spaces in. It is similar to Workload charts because it provides you with an overview of users' effort allocation, and focuses on projects instead of users. When you open a project in Resources view, you'll see the list of users who currently work on it, and their effort allocation for that particular project will be the main focus of the view.
Here are some of the use-cases where Resources view will come in handy:
  • If you're planning a project and need to specify resources and required effort before creating tasks, you’ll be able to do it using Resources view along with Bookings (you’ll find details on Bookings below.)
  • If you have recurring projects with known and estimated resource requirements, but you don’t have a granular per-task breakdown, we recommend you create a blueprint, open it in Resources view, and define effort for users or job roles using Bookings.
  • If you have a running project and need to see who’s working on it and how much planned work they have, open the project in Resources view for this detail.
  • If you have a full portfolio of running projects in a folder or space and you’d like to have an overview, you can open that folder or space in the Resources view.
When you open a project in Resources view, you’ll see a user list, a calendar grid, allocated effort, tasks, and your Backlog box:


Bookings are a separate entity in the workspace for storing effort estimations. Use Bookings to reserve blocks of time based on how much effort you think the work might take for each assignee or job role in a project. Each booking is linked to a single project and assignee, and each assignee in a project can have only one booking.
Bookings also have a separate schedule. When you add a booking, you set the start and end dates during which you estimate the assignee will work. The schedule for a booking will be affected by any changes to the assignee's Work Schedule.
Use Bookings when:
  • You need to have a high-level overview of projects and their effort on the Workload chart instead of adding effort to individual tasks.
  • You need to forecast resources before actual tasks are created in the project.
  • You don't need a granular estimation of effort for each task, or you find that you often need to adjust these estimations due to changes.
  • Task effort and effort stored in bookings are added up on Workload charts, where you can see an overview of the total allocation for your team. Bookings effort can also be rolled up alongside task effort in Table view.

Enable Resources View and Bookings

  1. Visit Wrike Labs.
  2. Scroll to "Resources View".
  3. Click "Enable".
  4. Scroll to "Bookings".
  5. Click "Enable".
You are all set up! 😊
Please note that Resource view and Bookings are available on accounts with the Wrike Resource add-on and the Wrike for Professional Services packages. 
We hope that you find these new functionalities helpful to plan your resources better in Wrike. Please let us know what you think in the comments below 👇

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

This release came at the best possible time for me, just as I was beginning our new prioritization process for the upcoming quarter. The Resource view and Booking feature allowed me to put in high-level estimates for all projects and resources proposed for Q1 (we are on a fiscal calendar and begin in Feb).  I could then see if it was feasible for us to complete all projects proposed based on individual resource capacity - this was a huge time saver. Thanks for adding these great new features!!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thank you so much, Robyn Jackson! Very happy to hear how these releases helped your team 🙂

Lisa Community Team at Wrike Wrike Product Manager Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover


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