✨ Releases - Desktop App, Subtasks, Wizards and Some Holiday Fun (12/14/2020)



Wrike's Holiday Countdown starts this week on the Community! 🎉
We wanted to have some fun in the lead up to the holiday season, so starting today, we'll be sharing a daily challenge for you to take part in, with prizes to be won every day this week! 🎁 Check out the first challenge now.


Feature Updates

  • Desktop App - Ver.3.3.7 🖥️
With this update, our Wrike Proof customers can now use HTML proofing in the Desktop App.
  • Task View - Duplicate Subtasks from the Subtask List 📑
When you right-click a subtask in the task view you’ll see an option to duplicate the subtask.
  • Project Creation Wizard 🖼️
We've changed the look of the tile images in the project creation wizard, and we hope you like it!


  • Effort Couldn't Accept Odd Numbers Except in English and Japanese
When setting effort in a language other than English or Japanese, only even numbers were working. For example, 6h could be saved for a 1d task (6:1=6), but not for a 2d task (6:2=3, odd). Fixed now!
  • Excel Import Error with Duplicate Custom Fields
Excel imports were failing due to Custom fields with identical names. If two Custom fields with the same name existed, and then a file was imported with a column with that name, the import failed. This is fixed now ⚙️ The value of the Excel column will be mapped to the newer of the Custom fields.

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