🕵️ Releases - Files, billable projects, and zooming in (10/5/20)

Feature Updates

Zoom in Workload Charts

There are now more zoom level options which display different number of days/weeks on the Workload chart! Use the + and - buttons next to Days/Weeks to zoom in and out.

File Approvals Workflow

When you want to start a file approval (check the box next to a file and click Select for approval), the Approve only files checkbox will be active by default.

Financial Settings in Table View

Now you can change project types to billable/non-billable from the Table view. Here's how to do it: right-click a project, hover over Financial settings, and select to Change to billable. Next, you'll be asked to select if you want to convert only the project, or the project together with everything within.

Note: this option is available only for accounts with Wrike for Professional Services and accounts with Wrike Resource.

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