[From Wrike] Tasks vs. Projects in Workload View: Share Your Feedback!


Hello everyone!

As you may know, it’s currently possible to view tasks in the Workload view. However, our Product team is now actively working on a solution that will allow you to create project effort allocations as well. This is due to the feedback that we’ve been receiving through multiple channels, including this Product Feedback post

The team already has some designs that they’d like to get early feedback on and to make sure that they are heading in the right direction with this enhancement.

We’re offering you the opportunity to talk to the team directly to share your use-cases in relation to this. You will also be able to participate in a beta that’ll be starting in the coming weeks. Your feedback and insight will help immensely with the development of this enhancement.

Please book a time for an interview with our Product team here.

Thank you for helping us shape Wrike’s future! 


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