[From Wrike] Uploading Files To Wrike 🖇️

Sharing files is often a vital part of getting work done. Whether they are stored in the cloud or on your hard drive, Wrike makes it easy for you and your team to have access to these resources. Here's everything you need to know about uploading files in Wrike 👇

Attaching files

As a general rule of thumb - if you can see a paperclip icon, you can attach a file. This icon can be found in the project/folder/task view, and in the comments stream. When you click the paperclip, you will be shown all of the options for attachments.
Wrike can integrate with several cloud sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. With Google Drive, you can choose whether to create a new file in your GSuite account or to add an existing file into the Workspace.
🔥 Hot Tip! 🔥 - Need to quickly download all of the files in a task? Click the first checkmark beside an attachment in a task, and shift-click the last attachment to select them all and download them at once.

Editing files

If you regularly work with large files, it may not be feasible to download every file that is shared with you to make necessary edits. Wrike has a solution through the Document Editor. This free download will allow you to edit files directly from Wrike. The updated version of the file is immediately uploaded in Wrike again, so you can be sure that the correct version of a file is always available.
The document editor is compatible with MS Office, Adobe, Open Office, Libre Office, .PDF's and other common image files. You can download the Document Editor by right-clicking an attached file and selecting "Edit". This will cause a window to pop-up asking to download the add-on.


If you are regularly sharing files with teammates for approval, Wrike Proof could be the add-on for you. Proofing allows you to quickly add comments to files through markers that appear on the file. This is especially useful for teams that are regularly creating visual content and need to share feedback about specific assets such as images, videos, or websites.
🔥 Hot Tip! 🔥 - It will soon be possible to move attachments quickly from one project/folder/task to another. Be sure to follow this Product Feedback post to be kept informed on when it goes live.
We hope you found this helpful!
Have any questions about working with attachments in Wrike? Be sure to let us know in the comments below 👇
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