♊Releases - Columns, duplications, and cleaner views (07/13/20)

Feature Updates

Viewing Columns In Gantt Chart And Table view

You can now quickly select all of the columns you'd like to see in the Table view and the Gantt Chart! Use the checkboxes beside the category to quickly add or remove all of the corresponding columns.

Duplicating in Wrike Analyze

Your teammates with "Read only" access to analytics boards can now duplicate these boards. By default, this is enabled for all accounts with Wrike Analyze, but account admins can turn it off at any time from their Settings.

Empty Projects in Workload Charts

If grouping by projects is on and you apply additional filters to the Workload chart, projects with all tasks filtered out will be hidden from the view.


Milestones on Workload

On Workload charts, the "Enable effort" option sometimes used to be shown for milestones, even though it wasn't functional for milestones. This is now fixed.

New Experience Folder Tree

Some users noticed that their folder tree was not loading within the space. Now fixed!

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