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Want to know how to get the most out of our Community? Start here!
Hi everyone 👋 Our cozy Community is getting bigger and bigger - a BIG thanks to all of you for coming by, posting, and commenting! To help you get the most out of this space, we wanted to share a guide to give you a better handle on how things work here, and where best to find what you're looking for. Keep reading below 👇
Our forums and what you'll find there:
Here we feature interesting case studies, big product releases, events, and more.
Betas and More
We invite you to participate in beta testing and interviews with our Product team, and we also share early access to potential new features and announce Wrike Labs releases here. If these opportunities interest you, follow this forum and never miss an opportunity to connect with our Product team.
Every Monday, we share a list of all the newest Wrike features and enhancements. Tip: you can click the Follow button on this section to receive an email notification so you're always up to date with what's new. Why should you follow? Read more about this here.
Have an idea or suggestion for Wrike? Submit it here. We keep a close eye on this section and the ideas posted here are all read and reported to the Product Team. This section works by a voting system, so make sure you search for an existing idea so can vote for it, instead of creating a duplicate post of the same idea.
Some important info on the Product Feedback section:

How To
This section is for when you're a little stuck or have a question about Wrike. You’re also welcome to comment if you have something to add on a subject, as Community is a great place to communicate with and help your fellow Wrikers 🤝

This forum is the perfect place to share how you're using Wrike or to discuss Best Practices with other users. Please share any innovative ways you're working, and don't be shy, ask the Community how they're achieving certain processes with Wrike too!
This section is for all those burning questions about integrating Wrike with your existing software. 
Learn and discuss how to get the best out of Remote Collaboration with tips, announcements, best practices, webinars, and more. 

Wrike Collaborate
Our dedicated Wrike Collaborate forum. Here you’ll find discussions on panels, break-out rooms, round tables, and more. Keep an eye out for information on this year’s Collaborate here. 

What else?
Last but not least, here are some other useful articles from your Community team:
New to the Community? Introduce yourself! - after all, Community is for connecting 🤝
Your Community Profile Page and 'Following' - let people know more about you, your industry and your company! You can also follow the people whose answers are usually the most useful to you.
Community + Different Languages - although we mostly speak English, it doesn't mean you can’t use other languages, we'll always do our best to help 💪
Community Badges - keen on posting and commenting on different Community forums? We appreciate that a lot and offer a Badge program for the most active users. Check out the exciting Benefits for Badge Holders to learn more!
That's it! Thank you all again for your input to the Community. Remember, this is your space, so don’t hesitate to ask questions, suggest solutions, share best practices and make feature requests. If you need help with anything else be sure to let us know below 🙂
Happy Posting!

Elaine Community Team at Wrike Wrike Product Manager Узнайте о самых популярных функциях Wrike и советах по его использованию

Elaine Wrike Team member Узнайте о самых популярных функциях Wrike и советах по его использованию

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