[From Wrike] Let's Get Personal With Spaces!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great September and that October goes well for you! 😎
If you're like me, then you will be the kind of person who works on a lot of Projects and Tasks. However, sometimes you might find yourself doing work from multiple folders that are placed in different Spaces in your Wrike account. What is the easiest way to deal with this? Well, what better Space to deal with your tasks than your own Personal Space!
How to use your Personal Space
Your Personal Space is the perfect place to gather your thoughts, take notes and most importantly, keep all your work in one easy to access place. Here, you can keep all your tasks, projects and folders in one place, regardless of whether you are assigned to them or not.
Adding tasks and projects to your Personal Space couldn't be easier. By pressing the grey plus sign under the title of your task or project, you can assign these items to your Personal Space in the same way you would assign them to a folder or to any other kind of space! Tasks, items and folders can exist in multiple spaces at any time through this method. Usually, when you tag an item with two seperate folders or Spaces, you can provide access to each folder or space the item is found within. However, your Personal Space will not be shared with others if you tag the item into it. Work done on one task or folder will carry over to each Space that it's a part of, so you can work on all your collaborative tasks within your Personal Space and not have to worry about any of your personal tasks being shared with anyone else. If you want to learn more with how crosstagging items can benefit you and your productivity, make sure to check out our Wrike Discover course "Transparency and Permissions"!
You can also create folders within this Space too to further customise how you organise your work. When you create Folders in your Personal Space, you can see them from your navigation bar on the left hand side of Wrike. Here, you can quickly reach whatever section you want to work on without searching through your other folders and Spaces.
One of the major benefits of using Personal Spaces is Bookmarks. Here, you can contain any links that are important to your work in one easily accessible area.
Your Bookmarks can hold internal and external links in Wrike. This means you can have items in Wrike such as Projects or Tasks in the same section as links to external websites, such as your company's social media pages or other services you may use, for example.
You can create sections to help organise your Personal Space too. By assigning all your links with different sections you can always be sure that everything you need is in in one easily accessible area!
Personal Spaces vs Starred section
Some of you may be asking yourself, "Wait a second, when I want to keep all my tasks in one place, why should I use Personal Spaces instead?" Well, here's why!
  • Personal Space is much easier to organise then Starred items - more access to folders and projects.
  • The starred section has no access to Bookmarks, Personal Spaces does.
  • Starring Tasks and Projects is an excellent way of collecting your work but after a while, you might find that it gets too cluttered without any real means of organization. With your Personal Space, you have a lot more flexibility in how your tasks are shown to you.
Smart Folders - Coming soon...
We are constantly working on improving every aspect of our product, and Personal Space is no different. We'll soon be introducing smart folders to Personal Space. Make sure to follow our Weekly Release Notes forum to be the first to find out!
And there you have it! Everything you need to know about Personal Spaces. If you want to learn more about the full capabilities of using Personal Spaces, make sure to check out our Wrike Discover course "Use A Personal Space". Here, you will be able to go through a guided practice and see the practical benefits of using this feature first hand. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to discuss them with you!
Happy Wriking!
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