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Is there a way to limit clients access to projects in Wrike? In my previous experience using a different project management platform I was able to select what I wanted the client to view. Currently in Wrike the client can view everything that is placed in a project as well as set-up projects without my knowledge. I worry that if my marketing team needs to communicate about the project our only option is to email and not utilize Wrike since the client has access to see all communication. 

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Hi Amanda, welcome to the Community, happy to see you here 🙂

By default, sharing in Wrike is inherited from the top down. If a Task, Folder, or Project is shared with a user, then all items added to or created in that Task, Folder, or Project are automatically shared with that user as well. With Inherited Sharing, you cannot unshare a Subtask, Subfolder, or Subproject from users if they have access to the parent Task, Folder, or Project.

At the same time, information is not automatically shared from the bottom up. If you share a Subtask, Subfolder, or Subproject with users, they do not automatically get access to the parent Task, Folder, or Project. You can use this logic to share information with the appropriate parties without having to share everything.

Enterprise subscription enables you to turn on Selective sharing lets you edit who can access that folder or project, regardless of who has access to the parent folder or project. When you turn on Selective Sharing for a folder or project, it remains shared with any users who had access to it at the time that Selective Sharing was turned off.

Please let me know if that helped 🙌

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