Need confirmation or tracking that request was submitted.


Is there a way / I would like a way to know that a request was made using the request form. The scenario is an external user submits a form but there is no evidence in Wrike. Did the project / task get deleted? Renamed? Was there a problem with the form? Did the submitter successfully submit? The submitter should have gotten an email back, but they may have typed it incorrectly? 

At any rate, it would be nice to be able to go somewhere and see what projects or tasks (by highest level item #) were created by the request forms and when. Sort of an audit function. 

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Hey Carl, I'm going to feature this question because I'm sure there are some great best practices from members here that can be shared.

For me, it's all about the location you've chosen for these Requests to land. Creating a top-level folder where these tasks land allows you to use Reports to run a list of requests that are in there.

We have one here for Community. All requests go into this Folder, we cross-tag with other projects if needed, but nothing else is saved in this Community folder but our incoming Requests.

Do you do something similar, or is there a use case that would me understand what you're looking for exactly? Thanks

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