Keep formatting when copying from task description to external programs (word, email, etc.)

We have recurrent tasks to remind us when te contact clients about certain products. In the description of these tasks, we've written out a standard email that we copy and paste into our email program to send to the client. 


The trouble is that the layout changes entirely when we do this. We have to adjust each line manually.

You get this result:

This is the simplest example, but some emails we need to copy are many paragraphs long and this is a lot of time lost. Any way to fix this?

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Same here, when we copy a tasks description to word/outlook the formatting is a big mess. Any suggestions?

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I struggle with this as well. Also, when copying text and images from Wrike to Outlook or Word (Office 365 version) the images are missing at destination. I have tried several different browsers, all with the same result. Suggestions anyone?

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We have begun using Wrike tasks to track our SOC II related recurring tasks.  We are storing the text of the policies themselves in the task, but occasionally need to share the contents of the policy with customers as part of their Vendor Assessment process.

I would like to be able to EXPORT or COPY the contents of a task including its formatting.  This formatting could be consistent with one or more export formats (e.g., RTF, Markdown, HTML, Word, Pages), if you wanted to fully implement it, or, just having Markdown would allow me to run it through something like the PANDOC library or another translator, to generate Word, Pages, PDF (using Latex stylesheets!), etc.

The goal would be export the content in such a way that the STYLE was translated; so that I could say, copy (or export) the document and paste (or open) the document in Pages (or Word, if I must) and then apply a document style template, such that H1's remain H1s, and get a new style, etc. 

In this scenario, I would want to NOT include any Wrike branding, document origin information, or the comments section, as happens now with the Print function.  Or, again, if fully implemented, choose which of those I do want.

An API do this may exist, I'm going to look now.


UPDATE:  It looks like this is all possible with the API.  I am moving forward with Tasks as our descriptions.  When you call the API endpoint (for example '') the full Description is available as HTML in the output JSON.  I can pipe that to jq to get the raw Description, then to pandoc to convert it to PDF using Latex to apply styles and to format images, etc.


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