Wrike for Microsoft Teams: Getting Started Webinar 🖥️

If you're using Microsoft Teams (or at least thinking about it), you'll want to watch the recording of our live webinar on Wrike for Microsoft Teams. 
What We Covered:
  • How to install the integration
  • How to connect Microsoft Teams to Wrike
  • The basics around the four main functions
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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi everyone, wanted to share the Q&A from the webinar! Let us know below if you have any questions. 

Webinar Follow-Up

Q: Will this recorded session be shared/published after the webinar?

A: Yes! We’ve added a link to the recording on the first post in this thread.

Product Question

Q: Are there plans to add a Wrike tab within Teams to show the user’s task list? We want people to be able to log in and easily see their tasks.

A: We already have this! As part of Wrike's personal experience in Teams, which you can access from the left-hand navigation bar in Teams (click the “...” then select Wrike, or add it via the “More apps” link if it isn’t appearing yet). From there, you can see all of your Wrike tasks, even if they aren’t part of a Folder/Project that’s been added as a tab to Teams. Specifically, you can see all the Wrike tasks assigned to you as well as all the Wrike tasks created by you.

Q: Can you add Wrike to an existing Team?

A: Yes, you can definitely link Microsoft Teams with an existing Wrike account. Learn how. Once connected, you can add Wrike tabs to both new and existing channels in Teams.

Q: Is there a way to archive the chat in Teams, or to connect it back to a Wrike Project for historical reference? The conversations in a Wrike tab of Teams will appear in Wrike right? Or do they just stay in Teams?

A: Once you’ve added a Wrike Project as a tab in Teams, you can then choose to have a “tab conversation” about it in Teams, which will stay connected to that project as well as appear in that channel’s Conversations tab. Comments made in a Wrike comment field in Teams will also appear in Wrike.

Q: Do you have a list of best practices for using Wrike with Teams?

A: We don’t have one at the moment, but if you have a best practice we would love to hear it.

Q: Can you link more than one Folder/Project to a team?

A: Definitely. You can add different Folders/Projects to different channels.

Q: Does each Project have to have its own tab or can you have one tab for all Projects in a Folder?

A: You need one tab per Project/Folder. However, you can add multiple Wrike tabs to a channel. If you want to see all the Wrike tabs that have been added to Teams across all channels, just go to Wrike’s personal experience in Teams and select the “Projects” tab.

Q: Can Calendars or Dashboards be viewed in Teams?

A: Calendars and Dashboards are not currently visible in Teams.

Q: If a Project is shared with a Collaborator in Wrike will they have visibility and communication ability through teams?

A: Wrike for Microsoft Teams is available for all Wrike user types (including Collaborators), on all Wrike account types. So, if a Collaborator is also part of your Office 365 account, they should be able to see data from your Wrike account, within Teams.

Q: When you have multiple Wrike Projects in 1 teams chat, can you hide completed projects without losing the MS chats only?

A: You can choose to remove a Wrike tab from a Teams channel. If you had a Teams tab conversation tied to that Wrike tab, it will still appear in the “Conversations” tab for the channel, even after the Wrike tab is removed.

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I know you cannot merge microsoft tasks into wrike calendars, but can you merge wrike tasks into Office Calendar? Wrike has external calendars, so we would like to be able to sync wrike’s external calendar with office. Does this work? If this is possible, would people in teams be able to view wrike tasks if they do not have a collaborator license?

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Hi Michelle, this is super interesting and not something that has been built, this is mainly due to the fact that at Wrike we work in days for scheduling not time of day, like an Outlook calendar.

Our Solutions Architect has built out the possibility of using the new Wrike Integrate to achieve this using Custom fields for the time of day. Note that this is a workaround, if you're interested in this and want to speak to your account manager about receiving some help with this and Wrike Integrate, let me know and I can arrange them to contact you.





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