[From Wrike] New to Community? Start Here! 🌱

Hi Community!
Whether you've been around for a while or are new to the Community (Welcome👋🏻 ) we have some news to share with you.
We have recently launched a new forum called 'New to Community? Start here!' to house all of the information you need to get started on Wrike's Community. Here, you can find information on our forums, where to post, opportunities for our Community members, Wrike Community Badges, and more!
To begin/continue your experience in Wrike's Community we suggest you go through all the posts and leave us a like (heart) and/or a comment if you would like to share your thoughts, or if you have any questions.
Our recommended journey is as follows:
📚 Read our Community Quick Start Guide
🧑 Learn how to update your profile with a cool avatar, and information about yourself
👋🏻 Say hi and get to other Community members on the Introduce Yourself thread
💫 Discover how you can be more involved in our Community with our badging program (spoiler alert: badge holders get benefits 👀 )
🧑‍💻 Check out our webinars for beginner&advanced Wrike users
🤓 Continue learning with Wrike Discover Courses
Thank you for being a part of our Community 💚

Cansu Community Team at Wrike Wrike Product Manager Узнайте о самых популярных функциях Wrike и советах по его использованию

Cansu Wrike Team member Узнайте о самых популярных функциях Wrike и советах по его использованию

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