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Hello Community! 🙌

We are very excited to greet our new Community Black Belt, Florian Kislich, and we are happy to share the Community Member Spotlight featuring him. Florian is our long-time ninja who constantly helps out, shares advice, and very interesting suggestions. 

In this article, Florian shares how he uses Wrike and answers our favorite fun question. Please comment below if you have any questions for Florian, or just to say hi 😊


1.       Tell us a little about your role and industry. 

I work as an audio engineer in the broadcast industry, for a German nationwide catholic radio station called radio horeb. We have over 50 employees and hundreds of volunteer collaborators, and more than 100 Wrike users.

It's my business to keep our studios running, and my aim to improve as much as possible. And well, I just celebrated my 20th anniversary in this job.

2.       Why do you/your team use Wrike?

We use Wrike to organize tasks in every department. From the editorial office to public relations and the technical department, every single task is managed by Wrike. This helps us to work together in the whole company, to see tasks of other departments and help each other with information, also to avoid that two persons are working on the same job without knowing it.

3.       What were you doing before Wrike?

We had a big mix of Outlook tasks, Excel-Sheets and tools like Trello, Wunderlist, and so on.

4.       What is the top thing that makes you productive?

I guess the search engine. We made lots of effort to set up a structure and typification of task names,  but if I'm looking for a specific task, I mostly use the search, which provides very good results according to tasks I'm interested in.

5.       What process/setup that you do in Wrike are you most proud of?

If there is an outage on air (we are a live radio, this happens!), an email is generated by a silence detecting system. This was sent to a bunch of people who should care about it, but sometimes no one did. Now this mail is sent to Wrike which creates a task in a specific folder, assigned to one responsible person (me ). Everyone who’s interested in those messages can auto-follow this folder by themselves. And through Wrike automation, every follower gets @mentioned and receives a message in their inbox. And even if the assignee is off work, their deputy can take on the task. And this task is not isolated, I can assign it as a subtask to a ticket of the person in charge of the show, or other related tasks. Thanks to Wrike no more outage is lost, and related issues can easily be bound together.

6.       If someone was thinking about using Wrike what would you say?

Well, there is life without Wrike, but if you're losing control of projects within your company, you should give it a try!

7.       What value do you get out of the Community?

Think outside the box! Find different solutions you may not have thought of, and help others in doing so.

8.       Fun question: If you had to be a Wrike feature which would you be and why? (Ex. @mentions, Gantt Chart, search, etc).

I AM the Automation, there's no doubt. Providing smart solutions for difficult issues, and also kindly reminding my colleagues if they miss one of our famous rules of Wrike ;-)

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Welcome Florian Kislich!  I, too, 😍 Wrike. What a great idea with the automation for an outage! Not only a time saver, but creates ownership at the same time!

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Nice to meet you Florian Kislich. Great spotlight. 

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Hi 1Marjorie Downey and Ryan Nelson,

thanks for your warm comments - it's good to join the community with you!


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