[From Wrike’s Product Team] Your Feedback on Reports 📊

Hi Community 🖐

I’m Alina, a Product Manager at Wrike. 

We are researching potential improvements for Wrike Reports that would be useful to you. Thanks for your suggestions on duplicating reports, adding custom fields to timelog reports, reports printing, and others!

In this post, I’d like to ask you to share your feedback on the following:

  • Your use-cases: what are you using the reports for? 
  • What challenges do you experience with Wrike reports now?

It would be extremely helpful if you could comment below and share your thoughts. 

Looking forward to learning about your experience 🙂

Alina Kucherenko Community Team at Wrike Wrike Product Manager Узнайте о самых популярных функциях Wrike и советах по его использованию

Alina Kucherenko Wrike Team member Узнайте о самых популярных функциях Wrike и советах по его использованию

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We have tried to use the reports to share with clients as an 'active project' list for our status update calls but are still finding it a bit clunky. If we could edit, change status and add notes right from the report as we are on the calls, that would be ideal! 

I would also love to be able to pull reports by user and be able to send to them, showing their outstanding projects/tasks that need to be updated. If they could then update & make changes right from the report that would really help streamline the process, and the likelihood of them doing it!

Thank you.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi! My team is pretty new to Wrike, so right now, I'm using reports mostly just to check in on how good our data in Wrike is by focusing on metrics around overdue tasks. Those seem like a good indicator of if people are updating statuses and settings reasonable due dates. Since I'm making lots of reports for other people, one problem I'm having is being able to easily organize and find all the different reports. Having a folder structure within reports and the ability to search for reports would be helpful. 

Edit: One other problem I've ran into as well: Wrike seems to really encourage having an archival folder for old projects in your spaces, but I usually don't want anything in the archival folder to show up in reports. It doesn't seem like there's a way to exclude the archive folder unless you manually select all of the folders/projects, which means the report won't automatically/dynamically include new projects/folders that have been added to the space. 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I like how easy the reports are to create and they have a lot of great information available. I have a lot of use cases for the reports and would love to see some modifications.

I am trying to manage our team's portfolio of projects and am utilizing a combination of reports, custom views (resource/bookings, table view) and PPT slides that I'm manually generating on data I'm able to pull from reports. 

I wish that I could change the column headers in the reports, add a custom field to timelog, be able to combine data from timelog and tasks (report on effort vs. time spent and show by time category) add data labels to the chart views, and more. 

I also wish I had two spaces for all of my reports - a final report area where the reports I'm actively using could be organized and an area where I'm using the reports to analyze data, creating new reports, testing, etc. essentially a working space that is separate from my finalized reports or if I could put reports into folders that would be helpful.

Duplicating reports would save me time and allow me to create slight variations on a report.

The Team Utilization Beta Report has a lot of potential but in its current state is limited. I'd like to be able to customize the time frame as well as customize the capacity. 

I would also love to have a project status report that could be customized in a way I currently manually create a PPT slide. Project Name, Description, Narrative Status, KPI, Progress, Key Milestones, etc. 

Printing or emailing the reports as an attachment would also be helpful.

Thank you!!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I primarily use the active task by assignee report during our weekly meetings to check progress and see where we might have risk. My team uses it too as an easy way to check their tasks (I haven't done as much with dashboards and need to demo that more for the team).

I agree w/ Desiree - having a folder structure would be helpful. I currently use a naming convention to group reports if I create more than one for a project. I'll admit to not having researched this, but I haven't found a way to archive old reports or delete a report that had been shared with me that I no longer needed to see in my list. I had the person who created the report unshare with me, and now I can't remember if it automatically came off or if I was then able to remove. I have added a step at project closure for the PM to unshare all reports and add a Z_ in front of the report name to get it at the bottom of the list. Alternately, the PM would unshare and delete the report. 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice


We use reports mostly for timelog reports.

Apart from not being able to add custom fields to timelog rows, our top challenge is that we can't create reports about time spent on specific tasks.

Report setup lacks text filters to pick up specific tasks by name, e.g.  "Layout", "Proofreading" or "Printing".

We have several hundred active publishing projects at any time in Wrike, and they all are based on the same blueprints, so our task names are standardised across projects.

It would be very useful to be able to run team specific reports on specific parts of the overall project.

(Would be equally useful to have text filters in dashboards also!)

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We have a number of reports we use and different levels of access for those reports from full read/write access needs to public view needs and integrations. 

I have left a few suggestions on reports functionality in the community section over the years - a few highlights:

  1. The ability to duplicate existing reports (ex: quarterly reporting) so that the reported fields remain consistent and all that would need to be changed is the name and time-frame would be great. Alternatively, the ability to create our own report templates could also solve this issue.
  2. Reports permissions - while a portion of my suggestion was launched, there are still some very key points that were not - the ability to give user-specific access like edit, read-only, share, print, etc would be fantastic! Too often we're creating duplicate reports.
  3. Ability to type in the date in the date range tool - using the calendar picker is tedious.
  4. More charts available in the reporting tool for high-level report sharing. The reports can be VERY granular. Management generally doesn't care about the nitty-gritty - they care about the big picture, having the ability to share more charts/graphs would be great for that use case and if they wanted to do a deeper dive, they could dig in from there.
  5. Roll-up of effort allocation in project reports - This is a HUGE one for us. Right now we can see it in the table view, but we cannot see it in reports. We need a report that rolls up all effort hours on the project in a project report so that when we are doing our market manager and sprint hours planning meetings we can show the number of hours that are in planning/ready to assign/etc. Currently, we can see the durations roll up but not effort. Ideally we would then be able to use the rolled up effort hours and a calculation field to determine the marketing usage percent by market. 
  6. Report Organization! My list of reports is seemingly never-ending. It would be so excellent if there was some folder/space structure to organize my reports into, right now it's just a list that I have to scroll through to find the report that I need. 
  7. Conditional formatting in reports - similar to table view...if certain conditions are met (or not met) that entry would be highlighted or marked in some way within the report. If/Then statements in calculations within the reports are very helpful! "and/or" statements are useful as well if "Data A" AND/OR "Data B" exists.
  8. Ability to group reports by Space. Our Spaces are our markets and it would be excellent to group our reports by Space and see how everything stacks up and be able to see the number of projects each space had, the amount of effort and time applied to each Space, etc. without having to jump between several separate reports.
  9. We need an easy-to-read report on the time between workflow changes or project/task status changes. Where are the delays happening - are things hung up in review for days on end or is there a lag between the review and when revisions are completed, etc. The (beta) report that can be pulled from workflow is near impossible to read. We need to be able to easily communicate if lags in project completion are because there is a bottleneck in a certain process so that we can zero in on that and find a solution. 
  10. Limited-view, public share links for high-level reports or capacity reporting that can be shared with requestors outside of Wrike. This could go hand in hand with the feedback I put in earlier related to the workload view that could also be a report. (https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/1500000254081-Public-Feed-View-of-Workload-Capacity)

Thank you for the feedback request - I'm very excited to see the development in the reporting tool.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice


I mainly use our reports for data analytics. I do a monthly update on how our team is spending our time and what lines of business is utilizing our resources. 

We have several other platforms that we pull information from and load all this information into Power BI to tell a larger story about marketing.

At the moment, I export all three report types (Project, task, and timelogs) because all three give slightly different information. 

My timelog report is often the report that I rely on the most, because this tracks time spent by individuals on specific tasks and specific projects. Once I export this report I then need to pull in custom fields I have from my task report and project report.

Some features the current report structure is lacking:

  • The ability to search in the source data and filter section. This would be helpful if I wanted to look up a specific project or folder or find a folder with specific text. 
  • Unsharing reports that are shared with you. So many people will create a report, share them with me, then forget about them, then I have reports that aren't mine that I can't remove.
  • Searching/filtering deleted users, or items not in a current dropdown, etc. Once a person has been deleted, the only way to get their timelog or any of their information, is to run a report for EVERYTHING, export it, then sort for them.
  • Would love the ability to add a report to dashboards or maybe give dashboards widgets more flexibility to add timelogs and sort features.



Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice


We use reports for different purposes for our creative/marketing production group... to check status on projects and tasks in our production meeting, as readout summaries based on requested criteria and timelogs.  We also have reports created to check status against in case projects have not been properly closed or all information added.

What would be the biggest help is to have the ability to duplicate a report rather than recreate it.  Many of our reports are based on timeframe and we want to keep those various timeframes.  Each time I need to produce a report for a different timeframe, I have to recreate it from scratch and rearrange the columns to ensure all our reports are consistent in case they need to be merged in Excel.  It would be so great to be able to duplicate a report, rename it and then set different date ranges.

I also agree that it would be good to have a folder structure for reports.  I've tried to use naming conventions so reports are grouped but it hasn't always played out in the end.

Another good feature is if you could delete a report once it is shared with you.  I have reports in my instance that have been shared with me and I really don't need or want to see anymore.  If the ability to delete a shared report isn't possible, then the ability to put reports in different folders (mentioned above) would be a good alternative.

One thing too that I would find helpful is if you could have task reports with either/or fields.  I'm not sure how to explain it but our project blueprints create tasks for writing, proofreading, design, multimedia.  A resource or resources are assigned to these (both at the project level by custom fields and also at the task level) or... if these tasks do not have a resource assigned, those fields are left blank.  Currently, as an example, my report is a task report on the multimedia designers (which show the tasks that they are assigned to), grouped by MM designer and project. I cannot see the other tasks which may be assigned to a writer because if I add that option to the report criteria, my report is blank.  I hope I've articulated this properly... and maybe there is a way to get such a report and I am unaware.

Thanks for asking for our feedback.  Hoping you can implement some of our reporting requests soon.



Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We are using Wrike reports mostly for order tracking at the moment.  Reports are a great way to do this because report users can drill down into any particular order from the report itself to find rich content and to add comments, etc.  We also use calculated reports to track metrics for operations, like OTD (On-Time Delivery) stats and root causes.

My challenges are like many who've responded - I would really like to be able to clone reports and make variants of them - and having a folder-based structure would do wonders for organization.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

The biggest challenge with reporting is only being able to create reports based off one set of data - meaning you have to choose right at the beginning whether to report on timelog, tasks, OR projects. Often we need to pull reports on projects but also need to drill down into the task data within that project but want to do it on the same report - it has been very limiting. Also, sometimes we need to report on all three sets of data at the same time. Our company is deep into time tracking and resource management so every week we need to report on all time tracked the previous week and then Finance also needs the task and project data related to the tracked time. So each week, we have to pull three reports - one for time, one for tasks, and then one for projects. Then we export all of them to Excel where we use the task ID from the timelog report to pull in additional task data from the task report (start/end dates, status, applicable custom fields) and then we use the project name from the timelog report to pull in the additional project data from the project report (start/end dates, status, status group, applicable custom fields such as launch date and project type). Essentially, we have to merge three reports into one before we ship it off to Finance. Also, side note, this is where we discovered that when reporting on projects, the "Completed Date" field is not an option in the reports so we have to go in and manually grab that info for all completed projects. 

Also, would be great to be able to assign permisison levels like you can with the dashboards. My team creates a lot of dashboard, spaces, reports, etc. and we push them out to all the teams to make sure we are consistent across the board. When we did this with reports, it presented a challenge: we would share the report with the leaders of each team but then they had no power to change any aspects of the report (mainly the dates). They did not want to change the core structure of the report, rather, they wanted to re-run the report for different dates. Since this is not possible, we had to impersonate all of the company leaders and go in and create every single report as them; it was very time consuming and manual. 

Finally, really need to be able to share real time reporting to non-Wrike users rather than a snapshot (will still need snapshots so would need both). We want them to have access to the report link and for it to be real-time with current data every time they open the link. This would keep our executives informed as well as other key stakeholders that have no reason to be a user in Wrike - today we have to create a snapshot and send it out weekly.

I definitely agree with many on this thread that a folder and/or organization structure would be really helpful - we also have had to come up with odd naming conventions to organize them.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

@Tyler --- You said "Also, side note, this is where we discovered that when reporting on projects, the "Completed Date" field is not an option in the reports so we have to go in and manually grab that info for all completed projects. " .  Isn't "Finish Date" in the report set-up the Completed Date? That's what we use and it works.  BTW -- I totally agree with everything you said as far as issues with reporting and a wishlist. I think your first paragraph articulated one of our reporting issues much better than I said it.

@Alina--- one more feature to add... it would be great to have additional date range filters... would love to see options by quarters and also one for "last year".

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I would love to have the following two reports for professional services:

Categorized by PROJECT
Time Spent (Hours) | Actual Fees ($) | Actual Cost ($) | Effort | Planned Fees ($) | Planned Cost ($) | Budget ($) | Fee remaining ($) | Budget Used (%) | Estimated Hours Remaining

Categorized by PROJECT OWNER then PROJECT
Effort | Budget (Hours) | Time Spent (Hours) | Budget Used (%) | Estimated Hours Remaining

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Nancy Lawrence actually we thought the same thing and that's what we were using but then found that "Finish Date" is actually the project due date rather than when the project is marked completed (which we would consider the "Completed Date"). So I think "Finish Date" can work but we need that extra data point of when it was marked completed because they are not always the same for us. Have a good day! 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thank you Kerry-Ann Wilkins! I am going to update my reports right now! Thank you for sharing!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

#1 Folders (please!!!!!!! :)
#2 Links to real time reports
#3 Duplicate Reports

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

If the report can reflect real-time results.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We use Analyze and Reports for the projects portfolio and while there are some great key features that allow the teams to manage the projects. I feel there is room for improvement to making it much better and an easier experience.

For Reporting -here are some key feature that would help a lot:

1. Separate Folders for Testing Reports vs Live (and shared) reports would be nice

2. It would be a great plus if we can generate a report on project status so we can export/share the report to stakeholders when requested. This would have the project name, status, owner, milestones, add comments/notes, upcoming milestones, Go-live date / phase of the project. (These can be manually added in or entered as part of the custom fields.) 

3. Ability to create reporting templates or create them in folder and share it easily (reporting blueprint) with the ability to change t his per space, team or within different folders.

4. We have many projects and a manual select takes lot of time. Instead having a filter function or ability to use IF/THEN conditional statements for the projects that would make it easier and efficient.

4b. Using filter/search query in reports would be beneficial! This would be helpful generally across Wrike as well.

5. Also having an “Include Depth level” would be nice too since some projects could have ‘sub-projects' within.

6. Ability to use dashboard widgets into report or analytics would be nice.

Thank you for the feedback request and look forward to the improvements for Analyze and Reports! 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi, I am a big fan of reports.  We use them to provide project and task level information to various stakeholders within our company.  These reports get sent weekly, monthly, and quarterly to leadership in other divisions as well as department heads to provide a glimpse as to our progress on all things we are working on.  They are also helpful when odd but very specific questions come up that can be easily answered by pulling a report.  However, as the Project Manager, I am often the one creating all these lovely reports.  I now have MANY reports floating around.  I would love if there was a way to better organize these reports instead of the long list.  Maybe a folder system, or a way to attach them as a "tool" in spaces.  
Also with regards to Analyze, where report information might fall short on visualizations, Analyze becomes an excellent tool for that purpose.  However, as mentioned previously I send out reports outside of our division as snapshots or emails.  I would like to be able to send snapshots of analytic boards as well.  I know they are interactive, but would like to be able to provide someone with a link to the board without needing them to have an account set up with us.  Second, this might be a long shot, but I would also like if there was a way to embed an Analyze widget or board into a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, beyond exporting as a pdf and inserting as an image or file.  I spend quite a bit of time putting those boards together and would love to show them off in some of our presentations when they could be useful.  

Thank you!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice
Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

You can filter on last modified but it would be nice if you could be more specific on what has changed for example get all tasks who's start date changed in last week. 

Make the fields in the report view editable. 

Have the option to make a date filter like today - 8 days. This month for exampel shows only februari no matter if it is the 28 of february or the 1st. 


Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Hans Verstraeten, thanks a lot for sharing your feedback on reports here 🤗

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I wish there was some more flexibility on reorganizing the order in which things show up on the report. The alphabetical default is usually fine, but sometimes my team would like the option to have a particular project/folder moved up higher or lower in the list. Not just limited to reports, but I wish when you numbered items the numbers went logically straight through from 1-X instead of 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2, 20... Thanks!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice
Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We're still relatively new to Wrike, but we're trending towards analyze boards vs reporting; pulling in a mirror of the report into a widget in a board. Though we are using both at the current moment. 

  1. I agree with the feedback across this thread about being able to organize reports in the reporting area. I like testing area vs published area idea, but an overall ability to create folders (organize by templates for reports we want to duplicate, by client, by internal user) would be immensely helpful. 
  2. Being able to customize the sort and hierarchy would be useful. Right now we're limited on sorting options. 
  3. Allowing either Project name or Folder name, or both would be useful. We have a lot of folders and projects but they are often at different levels from a naming convention standpoint, so it's a confusing column for us across reports. 


Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Kate Russell, thank you so much for your feedback here! If you need further discussion to understand how to use different Wrike functionalities according to your needs, I'm happy to contact your Customer Success Manager on your behalf to arrange a meeting 😊

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