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We're new to Wrike and currently have about 15-20 projects setup within a space called Active Projects. Most of the projects are listed individually but in 2 cases we created folders with individual projects housed within. We did this for large umbrella initiatives owned and managed by one person but comprised of separate projects involving different teams. This helps organize tasks into bundles that only those involved need to see. However, we're finding that this structure creates some issues too: we can't assign an overall owner or status to the folder (umbrella project) so on some reports these fields are blank, on other reports each project segment shows individually which creates a lot of extra lines since for a big-picture view, we only need to see the folder. I'm wondering if there is a better way to organize things. Thank you.

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Hi Luanne Cantor,

In the 2 case you mention above, would it be beneficial to convert the folders into high-level projects for reporting (right-click -> Convert to project)?  If you don't need to report at the high-level folder, and only the projects below, you may think about creating a space from the 2 folders you mention above instead of keeping as folders contained in a Space.

Lastly, one of the ways we've minimized the number of tasks visible in our reports is by setting a category custom field to specific types of tasks and only reporting on the categories we are interested in.  Here's a post I created some time ago with the steps for this: "Clean Reporting using Custom Fields."  I need to update this post as it has evolved significantly since I first wrote it, but the idea is the same.  Here's another way we use Custom Fields to filter tasks in our reports: "DFMEA Risks Log by Project"

Hope you find this helpful and let me know if I'm not understanding your effort clearly.

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Trevor Tollefsbol,

Thanks for the info, I'll look into using  high-level projects and will also read your other posts.
Thanks again!



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