Sorting by priority?


I need to show a list of projects within a sprint that are ordered by priority, but that gets clunky with multiple team members.  



What is the best way to provide a list I can display/export to show a list of projects and tasks by team member and then each of their priorities?

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Hi Ashlee Chaffee, thank you for reaching out!

It's possible to set up the priority in List View and then sort by priority in Table View to use it as a reference list. For example, I have folders for projects and tasks for each team member, I then set up the priority and open the space in Table View:

Please let me know if that helps!


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Thanks Lisa!  I think the issue I'm having is that my folder structure doesn't group tasks by the user.   Is there a way to sort both by assignee and priority in Table view?

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Aaron K.

Hello Ashlee Chaffee,

Thank you for your question!

I'm afraid that it's currently not possible to sort by both assignee and priority at the same time on the Table view. However, using the Reports feature you can create a table of your projects and tasks that can be grouped by both project/folder and assignee. 

Priority sorting on the Table view lets you drag and drop your tasks into the order you choose, which isn't possible in a report. But if you set the priority on your projects and tasks using a custom field, then in the report you can sort by this custom field in addition to grouping your projects and tasks by assignee. 

First, create a custom field in the parent project/folder/space. For my example, I created a dropdown type custom field:

Then you can mark your projects and tasks with the appropriate priority level using this custom field.

Next, create a report in Wrike using the custom report builder:

On the report, you can add your "Priority" custom field column and sort your tasks by this custom field. You can also make changes to the groupings at any time:

And you can export your report to Excel, or create a Report Snapshot that can be accessed with an external link or sent by email:

Please give it a try and let us know if you have any questions.

Have a productive day! 😄


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