Reporting (Tasks and Sub-tasks)

Create a report that will group by task and then subtask within a parent folder.
The tasks and subtasks are all listed and ordered alphabetically.
I don't want to have to click on a task to see the related subtasks.

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I would also appreciate such a function.

The alphabetical order right now tears interrelated (sub)tasks apart + it's not visible if a task is a task or a subtask.

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what is the status with this please as this is highly needed and creating confusion our teams

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Yes, this is most needed.  I've been trying to use reports but they are useless if they can't show Task/Subtask correlation, it's just a bunch of what appears to be unrelated tasks.  I tried using "projects" as a work-around but that has it's own issues.  I moved from Smartsheet to Wrike for a more formalized way of tracking projects/tasks but I have been struggling with the reporting tool ever since.  I typically just move between folders in the table view to give updates in team meetings.  Basically, I want to be able to create & print a report that follows the layout I've created in Table view. 



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I would love this feature! I need to see across multiple projects at the subtask level. I've looked at widgets and reports and don't see a way to do this.

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A report is needed to be able to view duration/time spent in either hours or days instead of two separate types. However, I can't see my tasks and subtasks grouped properly in a report. I'm actually going crazy trying to manage our estimates, time spent, and billable time across different aspects of Wrike. The report with it's calculated columns is perfect and easy for my boss to view after I've created it. Except it doesn't have the same granularity as the table. But the table doesn't have the control/ease/features of the report. Please, we need to either be able to see a sensible breakdown of hours/days in the table view or be able to sort by the actual list view that we spend time putting together in the report. Or, better yet... both! 

I might be writing this while experiencing extreme frustration, so my tone probably isn't the best. But, this is the level of frustration I feel when I have to actually check duration vs time spent vs an estimate we sent to a client on a per task level, not just per job. Per project it's fine. But the ability to drill down in the report in a way that doesn't use dates is completely against what we are used to in list or table format and it makes my brain hurt. I might be missing something. I hope I am. But this feature would be so, so, so very helpful for us. 


EDIT: Yep, I should have researched more. I would have found that calculated fields have been added to tables recently. It's not perfect (the hours/days aren't displaying properly and it's not just leaving a field blank if there is no entry so it's not as easy to read) but it's a huge improvement. This feature is still 10000% needed but I'm not banging my face on my keyboard quite as much. 

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Hi everyone, thank you for the feedback!

Can Structured (Hierarchical) display in task Reports help?

More info here:

Please let me know what you think! 

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This is definitely more along the lines of what I was so frustrated about the other day, thank you! It still doesn't show in the same order as list/table view, which isn't ideal. But it's a huge help for sure.


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