Option to limit file downloads to only approved files in a review


It would be really great if there was a way you could grant either, a "download" access level, where only certain users can download files.

Or, a way in that only approved files could be downloaded from a review, rather than all files that might not be approved.

In my teams case, users tend to open up the approval view and approve a couple of files, and use the arrows to flick through other files in the review. We find that users end up downloading files that are not approved, and don't realise.

It'd be more useful as an option that we could control based on access levels, rather than a flat rule for all.

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Love this idea.

Also it would be great if Wrike were to offer integration with various DAM systems which could also support this function.  i.e.: Adobe Experience Manager, Canto Cumulus, Canto Flight, etc. - all of which have an API and open architecture.

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Hi Holly and Alex, thank you for sharing this! I think this is a fantastic idea, and I really appreciate how you've described your use case and process. I understand how that could happen when browsing through all images, and we'll make sure to bring this up with the team.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Saw this after I submitted a feedback... It's very similar to what I submitted.

Here's what I submitted: 

"I've had requests from our team for the ability to restrict downloads of files. They would like download access to be set on a file-by-file basis, rather than access-based.

My thought is that the default for all files would be downloadable, with a checkbox to restrict the file to view only."


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