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convert the interface numeric wrikeID to the API wrike ID

how to convert the numeric wrike id of a task to a wrike id for the api? i do not want to crawl of search and program a whole framework just to get the wrike id as i see it now i need to do a searc...

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Custom field options in Timelog and other Timelog needed features

12-03-2018: update vs the new timelog The goal is to minimize clicks on the timelogs and or to process, approve or modify the time To have all information required for billing and time registration...

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make dependencies of closed tasks

i need to beable to make a task depended of a close status task. when i search for a dependency i see no status closed tasks. but i need to.. now i need to work arround it by chaching the status en...

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extensive code markup in description and comments or more html paste compatibility

There is basic markup options in the descriptions and comments when you copy and pare the conversion of html and images is very basic Code / script markup is required! the only way to make a box to...

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Contact (google etc) integration and wanted features

When working fully with Wrike you want to put a lot of processes and data in wrike. Now we "abuse" tasks with custom fields on a main folder "Contacts" and have subfolders in there with related con...

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extra column for the fractional time format in the timelog table view.

I would like to see a setting to have as peference the minute view (x minutes / x hours) or the fractional time view (0,x or 20.4) hours Also in the timelog table view an extra column to be selecte...


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