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  3. [Status: Backburner ⏳] Add 'Modified Date' and 'Completed Date' to exports - Allows project status reporting

Pinging this thread in 2024! Any updates? 96 upvotes... We can already see "Last modified date" in other parts of wrike and even configure a report by "Last modified date", it seems strange that we...

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  3. Last modified date, report in not modified in the last 7 days

Pinging this thread, having the ability to configure a report that would provide a list of tasks that have not been modified in a time-based timeframe (30 days for example) rather than picking exac...

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  3. Anyone else also wanting to sort by multiple columns in the Table view?

Upvoting as well! With Lightspeed making great improvements to table view, it would have been nice to see this included as well! I hope this feature is considered.


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