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New board view - change status by drag&drop unassignes everyone

Hi, my colleague just showed me that if she drags a task to a different status column in the new board view, the task disappears from the view. This happened to her multiple times. I had seen this ...

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Order of automation actions

In 1 automation rule, I want to send a message to the current assignee and after that, change the assignee. But automation bot first changes the assignee and then sends the message.. The automation...

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Create a task with effort in Outlook add-in

Hi! Me and my colleagues like the option to create tasks with the Outlook add-in. It would be a killer feature if we could add effort to the task in one go. But now you have to switch to Wrike, ope...

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Set the new item type menu for the entire account

As an account admin, I want to adjust the default menu for new items. This is now possible for spaces, but not for the entire account. See comments from feb 7th to feb 27th in https://help.wrike.co...


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