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  • [Duplicate] [Status: Coming Soon...🕑] Printable Tables on Gantt chart

    Hello Everyone, My boss came up to me today and needed a PDF of a Gantt Chart. Every time we went to print it the table on the left would disappear. I understand from tech support this is not a fea...

  • Printable Project Plans

    I think it would be really beneficial for clients if we could print them a project plan that would view like the left section of the gantt chart view. .

  • Moved final or Go Live Dates

    Hello Everyone, Is there a way to run a report that would show off all of the original go live dates for projects in your Wrike account? For example we have several projects within wrike that had a...

  • Report Sorting

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone know if there is a way to filter a report so that the most recent modified task shows up at the top of the report? Thank you and let me know!

  • Collaborator Notifications

    Is there a way that a collaborator could get a daily digest of all that they follow?

  • Making the most of a Collaborator license

    Hello Everyone, I am the owner of Wrike at our company. My boss has a collaborator license as we are at max capacity and cannot buy any more. She want to know when something gets assigned to one of...

  • Combined Reports

    Is there a way to have reports combined so that they can be on the same screen or in the same report? For example my company needs to see what was completed the week before, what is coming due the ...