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  1. Comunidade
  2. Product Feedback
  3. [Status: Launched 🚀] Custom Field HTML Link

My org is yet one more Wrike client who would benefit greatly from this feature. We're gearing up for our launch, and I'm currently planning to copy/paste a link to each project's Sharepoint folder...

  1. Comunidade
  2. Product Feedback
  3. [Status: Backburner ⌛️]Adding Dependencies to tasks with no Date field

I believe this feature will become increasingly essential in agile environments. My organization has one team that functions in a more agile way than the others, and I can't help them map out their...

  1. Comunidade
  2. Product Feedback
  3. [Status: Backburner ⏳] Custom fields of a folder and being important should be attributed to tasks/issues in that folder

We would also find this feature useful. I'd like to be able to add users to the custom fields "project manager," "project owner," and "project sponsor" at the project level, and have the same value...

  1. Comunidade
  2. How To
  3. Profile Calendars - Reassign Tasks vs. Adjust Due Date

My organization is still a couple weeks out from our Wrike deployment, but as we explored Wrike, this option for people to enter their vacation seemed "almost helpful but not quite." Again, we have...


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