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Is there any way to move all tasks belonging to a deleted status (removed from workflow) to another status?

For some reason, we deleted one of our statuses (completed/ published) to which many tasks were assigned.It has up until now been invisible in Wrike, other than searching for it or going to them by...

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  2. Best Practices

Reviewing blueprints after completion of projects

To make sure that our blueprints are up to date, we've added a task to check off in the blueprint itself that tells us to revise and go over the blueprint after project completion in order to see i...

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  2. Remote Collaboration

Spaces, dashboards, teams and project leaders

The case:As our company is consisting of many different departments with different fields of work. We do however collaborate a lot across the different teams, but usually not on the same field of w...

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Personal default view

Today it's possible to set the default view for a folder/ project, but this sets it for everyone in the workspace. We have som scenarios where x user only needs to look at tasks that are assigned t...

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Blueprints: Dynamic linking within blueprints

When creating a larger blueprint structure for projects it can sometimes be divided into multiple stages and teams.(simplified example of structure)1. Planning - PL + Design team + Dev team - sub t...

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Blueprints, add folder/ project to location, the same way as tasks can

This feature would be nice to have available on projects and folders as well as tasks. so we can automatically include parts of our blueprint projects into their respective spaces so that the teams...

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  2. Product Feedback

Backlog Box: Search functionality, Resource Management

I'm sure the backlog box isn't supposed to look like mine currently does, which makes it sort of impossible to find tasks in.However on that rare occation that the backlog box does end up looking l...


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