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Prefix functionality - Allow this also for new tasks after template copy

Currently during the copy of a template it is possible to define a prefix that is added to all tasks that are part of that template. This allows to easy distinguish of tasks of projects based on th...

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Disable the tasklists (checkbox) in task description or automatically convert them to subtasks

If you have a task and you have work for that task that you want detail out more you have 2 ways of doing almost the same thing: You could use a checklist in the description of the task You can cr...

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  2. Product Feedback

Define allowed external file repositories in Business Edition (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Local Storage (computers), YouTube, and/or OneDrive)

Currently the enterprise edition has a feature that lets you define which external file repositories the team can use and also adjust Google Doc share settings. You can allow users to upload files ...


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