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Please add hotkeys to get to Wrike's Home, Dashboards, Pins, and Shared With Me

The 'New Wrike Experience' is great, but having the Home button on the top far left, and the 9-dot menu on the far right makes the action of using these less than carpel-tunnel friendly. I need the...

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Option Key on Mac cancels comments in Wrike Web AND Wrike Mac App

What is going on? We've used Wrike for years, and have to enter special characters like ™ ® and ¡ ¶ etc. via the Mac Keyboard using the Option key, e.g. Option+R = ® This is a CRITICAL part of our ...

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@Mentions in Review documents now searches EMAIL domains, in addition to NAMES. We need this 'new feature' turned off.

When typing @ and a name to tag someone in a review document comment, the search box previously would search NAMES, and it now searches EMAIL ADDRESSES AND NAMES, this is impossibly unfeasible for ...

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Notification emails for @mentions taking 2-DAYS?

I’m receiving emails for @mentions from March 4th on March 6th. I have appropriate notifications turned on in settings. This is a problem several team members have complained to me about - that tim...

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Adobe plugins constantly log-out, rendering them unusable.

Hi all, we keep getting asked by Wrike staff if we use the Adobe plugins for Creative Cloud - yes we really would use them, and keep reinstallign them and trying them over and over again as a team ...

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Task 'feed' doesn't show who did actions, only some.

We are trying to train our employees as best as possible and it's getting really difficult to narrow down who needs to be taught what because of feeds like THIS: Pedro in this thread only left a co...


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