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  • Saiba mais sobre minha equipe, setor, interesses e o que eu alcancei usando o Wrike Hi Wrike Community! My name is Devon and I am a Content Coordinator at Aliera Healthcare. Aliera Healthcare pioneers new and innovative healthcare programs for both individual and group markets that put the power of choice back into the hands of the consumer. I am 1/13 of the Marketing team and work with amazing, collaborative and inspiring team members.


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  • Custom Colors

    It would be amazing if we could have custom colors for folders and workflow statuses. It would really help me be able to organize everything if we could have that ability.  Thanks!

  • [Status: Investigating 🕵️‍♀️] Request Form: Question Formatting

    It would be so amazing if you could change the question type after the question has been created. For example, you would be able to switch the question type from dropdown to checkboxes and change s...

  • File Versioning

    It would be amazing if the name of the file name would be updated every time that you add a new version of the file on Wrike. We version every document, so it makes using this tool a little diffic...

  • When to Archive

    Hi Wrike Community, Our folder setup is as follows: Department Name:   Department Active Projects      Project A           Task 1           Task 2           Task 3      Project B           Task 1  ...

  • Onboarding Entire Company

    Hi Wrike Community,  Originally Wrike was going to be for the Marketing Team, but after using Wrike for a couple of months we realized how desperately the whole company needs to be on Wrike. Does a...

  • Group Colors

    Hi,  It would be amazing if we had all of the color options for Groups that we do for Folders!  Thanks!!!

  • Request Forms: Custom Fields

    Is there a way to have custom fields in your request form that are not in the folder where the projects are mapped to? I do not want to enable every custom field for that folder because I have depa...

  • Request Form: Mapping to Task

    My company wants to start using the request form, but as I keep building I am experiencing gaps in the customization of the form. I would love to be able to map questions to specific tasks within a...

  • Request Form: Date Format

    Is there a way to map my request form so the date format comes out MM-DD-YYYY instead of YYYY-MM-DD? I have attached a screenshot below. Thanks!

  • Wrike Labs - Proofing & Approvals: A New Look and Feel

    Is anybody else having problems with the proofing feature? I am not sure if it is because I enabled the Proofing & Approvals: A New Look and Feel feature in Wrike Labs or if it is something else......