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  2. Product Feedback

Ability to color code cards in board view

We need this feature as well (color coding of task cards, the entire card) however, we need the flexibility to set the visibility to a global view (personal view) so that global view color cannot b...

  1. Comunidade
  2. Product Feedback

Adjusting Workflow

It would be very helpful if we could adjust the order of our Workflow how we need it instead of dictated by Wrike.  Example: On the Kanban boards, most of our work comes in to a backlog where agent...

  1. Comunidade
  2. Product Feedback

Outlook Sync

It would be extremely helpful to have Wrike sync with our Outlook Calendars. Since Wrike is a planning tool, if it could acknowledge an existing calendar (and availability) to help schedule tasks t...


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