Amandine on maternity leave starting the 22nd of July

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  • Unable to set a letter in bold with *

    Hello,   In the comments area, I would like to set in bold a specific letter. For example : in order to show a mistake in a text or something like that, I write "Let*t*er" but the stars remain in t...

  • calendar add more filters : colors depending on assignees, see subtasks ..

    Hello,   I would love to see more options in my calendars : add colors depending on who is assigned on the job add the filter like ''include subtasks''   I would definitely appreciate those impro...

  • Notify your back up while you're away if someone mentionned you during your OOO

    Would be nice to have an option to define our back up during our vacation for example. This person (our back up) would be automatically notified if someone mentioned him/her.   We won't have to go ...

  • Edit colors in calendars and WorkLoad

    Hi    We would appreciate to add specific colours in the calendars app or even in the calendar :) We can only define a global color in the calendar app, but we would appreciate if we could set diff...

  • Add more filters in reports like : Year created ; title contains ;

    I would like to add a filter in my report: The year the task were created add a filter on the title; title contains ''....'' ...

  • Add filter on TITLE

    In my reports I would defintely need a filter based on title with option like   Title contains : free text   Would you be able to add this please ? :)  

  • How can I unshare a custom field from a particular folder

    Hi,   Problem I have : in one of my folder, I've added by mistake the custom field ''Pourcent'' . I've added this field via the view table --> wanted to unshare it in this folder and I don't find a...

  • Unshare subtask with someone assigned in the main task

     Hey,   I would love being able to unshare a subtask with someone assigned in the main task. In the main task we discussed over the design and wanted the customer opinion.. we realised that we crea...

  • See duration time rather than only due date (in list view)

    HI would be nice to see the whole duration of a project in my list of tasks Example:   Main task is used for the creation of Posters.  (These posters will be showed during the first week of octobe...

  • Files location

    Hi,   I think we should put somewhere else where the file are located. (Between the description and the comments zone).   I think it would be easier to find back the files in another area. I spend ...